11 Warning Signs You’re Dealing With A Truly Evil Person

We’ve all been witnesses of evil in one way or another. From the fairytales when we were kids to horrible reports on the news about murders and abuse all over the world.

Evil can come in many different forms and it’s difficult to be recognized at first. This is because we can’t label someone as evil right away.

Evil is something to be avoided. If you are in a relationship with an abusive partner for instance, you have to leave immediately.

However, sometimes evil people play different roles and are disguised in something else so it’s hard for us to recognize them before them make us harm.

It is very important for people to recognize the red flags or warning signs of evil persons.

Below you will read 11 warning signs of an evil person, and if you notice some of them in a certain person you’d know it’s time to leave as quickly as possible.

Rejecting Reality

An evil or abusive person will never agree on what’s real and what’s not. No matter how hard you try, how many proofs you have, you are always the one who is not right. Nothing can make change in their twisted mind.

Twisted Facts

In order to make them sound smarter and better than you, an evil person will twist facts. If you try to prove that some fact doesn’t agree with what they’ve previously said they will twist your own fact into something else.

Withholding Information

In order to avoid losing you, they are prepared to twist, change or withhold any information that could change the way you see them. They’ll do anything to be seen as a good person and will never admit that they were lying.


If they find some information that they feel it could be used, they’ll always use it to mislead you. They want to scare you, make you feel helpless and alone. In that way they’ll be the only person you will seek comfort, making you feel as you depend on them. It doesn’t matter if it is the greatest lie in the world, at the end they will make you believe it.

In this way they will create imaginable enemies in your head, convincing you that all the things that you’ve done up to that point are wrong.

Continuous Lying

They control you and protect themselves with their lies. In five sentences they say, four of them are lies. Often they admit that they have lied to you but know how to explain why they’ve lied in such a way that it will make you feel sorry for them.

They Are Remorseless

They are remorseless for all the people who have hurt or who are planning to hurt. They see other people as objects, and they feed their souls with draining all their positive energy and by seeing them crying and suffering. They hate when they see that you’ve found a way to be happy, and will do anything to ruin that.

They Don’t Feel Responsible

Evil people never feel responsible for the people they’ve hurt. The moment someone starts to blame them for anything, they redirect the blame towards them.


Manipulation is their favorite thing to do. They think 10 times faster than everyone and know how other people would react in any given situation. They know exactly which words to use for each and every person in order to make them feel stupid or worthless.

Fair-Weather Friends

If they lend you a hand, it’s not because they care for you, but because they want to get something back from you. If it doesn’t suit their aims, they will never even think to help you.

Live Double Lives

They have double lives. This is because their whole life is made out of lies. They pretend to be different in front of different people.

If you have noticed some of these characteristics in a person who is close to you, you have two options: either you leave, or you talk to someone you trust.

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