10 Warning Signs That You’re Dealing With a Toxic Person!

We live in a society where negativity prevails and everything turns around it.

Sad but true, this is the way most of the people live and you probably know that. The main reason why this is happening is because jealousy, envy, hatred, vengeance and so many other similar states of mind are something we normally see every day, even though they damage our overall quality of life.

This article will help you learn more about the people around you and their effect on your everyday life.

Read the following 10 signs that indicate that you are dealing with a black-hearted person:

Tend to manipulate you

Mean people hate when other people are satisfied with their life, so they will try to trick you into believing that what you think is not true. The first time you notice that someone tries to trick you or lie to you, don’t hesitate to remove this toxic person from your life.

Hide relevant information

People who enjoy hurting others tend to keep information about their future plans secret. They usually do this because it gives them the freedom to keep manipulating others. Stay away from these people!

Never feel guilty about anything

The feeling of guilt is totally unknown to mean people. No, this is not true. They do feel it, but they don’t think there is a need to show it. They possess the rare ability to hurt so many people but never be accused of it. You should think twice before you let this type of person in your life.

Without time manners

These people are usually mean because they enjoy it. This indicates that your problems and time mean nothing, but their own problems are something that is most important in the world. They think that the sun rises on them and in this way you will get stuck in a blame-game while you have nothing to do with anything.

Double standards

These people not just have double standards, but they also lead double lives. With no true friends or stable relationships, these toxic individuals can leave you when you need them the most without blinking of an eye.


One or two white lies from time to time are somewhat acceptable, but these people are real psychotic liars. The worst thing about this is that you will end up with a lot of bad consequences, if you fall for these made up stories. Be wise enough to choose good and honest people to be your friends.

Superiority is priority

Mean people often think that they are the smartest ones in the group and that they should be the decision-makers. But, you are the one who chooses how much you want to give, because you are about to receive very little in return. Don’t allow these people the satisfaction of having your life under control.

You owe them

People who are full of negative energy are sure that you will remain forever in their debt, only because they were there for you once in their lifetime, five years ago.

Take a deep breath and identify the problem. When you do this, erase all the people who act like this and fill your life with the positive energy you deserve.

They never admit they are wrong

No matter how many proofs you give them, toxic people will always see themselves as the victims. In this way they will not only hang you out to dry, but they will also make you feel guilty at the end.
Be smart enough and don’t allow yourself to fall for their stupid conspiracy theories.