5 Signs Your Personality Is So Strong It’s Intimidating Others (Never Tolerate #2)

Are you one of those people who are often accused of being intimidating? People probably judge you for what you are and don’t know anything about your life. Your personality now is a reflection of all the experiences you have gone through in the past. That’s the reason why your attitude towards life is tough and strong today. Even though others criticize your behavior, it should not bother you. You should never feel sorry for what you are!

All the tensions and misfortunes in your life, career and relationships have turned you in a stronger and independent person. Thus, you don’t appear to be so soft to people anymore.

Very often people misinterpret your behavior and reactions as rude or mean. However, not many people know that people who are considered to be intimidating are actually very kind and big-hearted.

Here are some of the most common characteristics that are noticed in intimidating personalities:

  1. They hate small talks – They find small talks annoying and they rarely indulge in them. Deep and serious conversation is something that can grab their attention. They are not interested in petty conversations like the glamour world or the weather. They can become furious if you interrupt them with your small talks.
  2. Can’t tolerate willful ignorance – They are not only strong persons, but they are also wise and learned at the same time. They are open-minded and cannot tolerate people who are judgmental. Unjustified judgment comes from ignorant people. Educating yourself is one way of how you can mitigate ignorance. But if someone is too lazy to do that for themselves, then intimidating people will either lose their patience with them or simply walk away.
  3. They see more opportunities – Because they are open-minded, they are able to see many more opportunities in certain situations than other people. Such an attitude not only helps them survive but it also pushes them through tough situations. The negative side of this is the fact that they usually encounter jealousy and animosity from others because of their ability to achieve success even when the others think it’s impossible.
  4. They concentrate on solutions instead of problems – They are strong-willed people and they always know what to do in order to get their things done. They cannot tolerate weak people who are complaining all the time and are not able to manage things on their own.
  5. They always do what they say – They appreciate honest people a lot. They are always straightforward and say exactly what they think. They are not two faced and they always stick by their word. All these personality traits make them choosy when it comes to friends. They simply cannot be friends with everyone. They despise liars and dishonest people.

If all the things you’ve read above sound like someone you know, then you’ve probably realized by now that even though people with strong personalities seem to be intimidating, they are not mean people. They never try to be better than you and they never look down on you. They just cannot control their frustration and anger when they encounter with people who wear masks.