Your Crown Chakra Is Awakening If You Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms

Are you experiencing unusual sleeping patterns and headaches?

Are you going through phases where your head is so full of constant chatter and you can’t stop thinking about random things?

This could be associated with the ‘Awakening/Opening of your crown chakra’.

I have heard the crown chakra being called the ‘hissing snake’. It’s been said that when this chakra is active you will be able to notice a hissing sound in both ears.

Let me take a minute to explain the crown chakra to you.

The crown chakra is the heart of the soul, which supplies infinite energy into the body clearing blockages and strengthening all the other chakras and meridians. The crown chakra is associated with the colour violet and is situated a few inches above your head.

Below are a few common symptoms that may mean your crown chakra is awakening/opening:

Body pains and headaches

When you going through this process you may find that the top of your head feels itchy and possibly some irritating sensations on your neck.

The reasons for the unusual sleeping patterns are the constant struggle between the negative thoughts, memories and vibrations. The human mind is observed to be in resistance to change and therefore there is a struggle to maintain the current situation, and would rather hold on to the negative thoughts, memories and vibrations. As a result the body reacts and headaches can occur.


During the healing process obvious behavioural changes may be noted. Your perspective of life changes, you will talk less and rather listen, specially around your circle of friends.

Seclusion is one of the main symptoms of this process.


While undergoing this process you might find that you will lose your appetite. Your body will crave for certain foods that will nourish your body and soul. Often during this transition, people switch from meat diet to vegan or vegetarian.


You may find that your sleeping pattern will change.

Where a good nights sleep consisted of 8 hours, you maybe lucky to get a full nights sleep, or on the flip side you may get too much sleep and feel sluggish. Either way your sleep patterns will change.

Which of these symptoms have you experienced?

These symptoms maybe caused by other medical issues, please consult a doctor if you have any doubts.