Why The Older You Get, The More You Hate Everyone (And Why That`s OK)

It’s true that I no longer have as much friends as I used to have in the past. I really get along with my family and probably my siblings are my only friends. Except them I don’t like anyone else. ‘s

In the past I’ve had so many friends and could easily make new friends right away. I was very out-going and extremely sociable rather than shy and introverted.

What is more, I was strongly convinced that these people we stay in my life forever. I considered them closer than friends, something like non-blood relatives.

Anyway, as time passed by, things considerably changed. None of them stayed with me and left me broken to pieces.

That’s what people do, they always leave. I know that it sounds too harsh and miserable, but everyone would agree with me.

The conclusion is that, the older the person, the harder it is for them to make new friends. Actually, there comes a time in your life when you realize that you hate everyone. But, it’s OK!

Because the older you get the less nonsense you are willing to put up with.

While we are young, we tend to make some things that destroy our self-worth and self-respect just to make as many friends as we can. There is no need to say, this makes us put up with bad and toxic friendships.

As we go older, we are not willing to put up with this nonsense. If the person is not willing to make an effort in order to save the friendship, they can freely walk away. If this leads to losing friends, who cares!

Since the older you get, the less you think about making new friends.

As you get older, making new friends is so unimportant to you, because you become sick and tired from those stupid games and at the end you give up.

But this does not imply that you are not a friendly person anymore. You talk with other people, hang out with them but you never think of telling them some of your secrets or becoming too close with them. That’s never an option!

Since the older you get, the less confidence you have in other people.

Until now, you have already realized that people are very bad! When you are younger you think that deep inside everyone is good and you trust them blindly.

But, as time goes by you become more and more aware that people care only for themselves and nobody cares about you in a genuine way. Those unpleasant experiences serve as excellent eye-openers, since they only make you a stronger person.

Since the older you get the more you realize that you should put yourself first.

As time passes by, you stop caring about what other people think and concentrate on yourself. You stop doing things for the sake of others, and start doing what YOU really want to do!