Why Empaths Attract Toxic People (And How To Break The Cycle)

Empaths believe that all the people are good and they want to help everyone. They know that they are responsible for their actions and always apologize if they’ve done something wrong. They think that other people are just like them: good, fair and decent.

These are all good characteristics for a person, but just because of these traits, many empaths face with many problems.

Other people.

When empths connect with people who have dreams, motives and way of behavior that are completely different from them, they often run into problems. These people might be motivated by the need for power, money or attention. They always put themselves first.

They never say “sorry” because they are convinced that they haven’t done anything to say “sorry” for. If they hurt someone in the process of fulfilling their dreams, for them it’s just a price of doing business.

Although not all the people are narcissists, psychopaths or sociopaths, many of them are, and it’s not bad to practice the same approach with all of them. If you are an empath and you get involved with these “other people” or if they somehow become partners, friends, coworkers or even family members – you are risking to be misused, abused or treated badly.

Sad but true.

Empaths tend to attract bad people because they usually take responsibility both for them and for the other people too. For instance, if empaths think or are lead to think that other people are upset, hurt, angry or even abusive only because of something that they did or didn’t do, empaths will always consider it to be their responsibility and will try to fix it.

Empaths always forgive others and they blame themselves for anything that goes wrong.

The other people are more than happy when empaths do this. Even if they really do something bad, they will do anything to make the empaths take responsibility for their inappropriate behavior.

Excellent job… for the others.

Lessons to be learned.

So empaths, let’s face it – it’s not our responsibility to care about other people’s feelings.
It’s not our mistake.

A relationship requires two responsible people, so we are not the only ones who should try to “fix” the relationship.

We will never realize why other people treat us badly until we realize the following:
They are not thinking in the way that we are thinking. They are not nice, they don’t take responsibility for their actions and they cannot be fixed or changed.

The moment we leave our self-assigned job as “Managers of the Universe” and return the responsibility to those from whom we’ve taken it, we’ll stop attracting those others once and for all.