TEST: Who’s the Real Mother of The Child? Check Your Personality Based on Judgment

As you can see in the picture, two ladies are sitting on chairs on two opposite sides in the room and the child plays with his toys on the floor.

You should look at the picture and decide: who is the real mother of the toddler? What do you think, is it the woman on the left or the woman on the right? Even though there is only one correct answer, whoever you choose will reveal something very important about your personality.


First of all, we have to mention that 70% of the people choose this answer. And it’s not correct. You weren’t concentrated enough on the details of the picture, that’s probably why you’ve chosen this answer.

But, it also means that some of the characteristics in you belong to you and you only.

You are extremely creative, ever since you were a child. You were that boy whose science project was chosen to be the best or the girl who had the most beautiful dollhouse.

You were also very imaginative: you used to visualize things in your mind long before they even existed. And thanks to your imagination, you were also very popular among your friends because good imagination comes with unique sense of humor.

You also possess a unique taste in art and music, that’s why people appreciate your opinion a lot.

All of the above mentioned things make you a good person and a real empath, that’s why many people find your advices very helpful.

You work very hard and you believe in yourself. Thanks to this quality all of your ambitions will be fulfilled.

Maybe you weren’t considered gifted as a child, but your bravery, stubbornness and effort have bought you numerous successes in life. One of the priorities in your life is to form a family and we are sure that in the future you will fulfill this too if it has not already become reality.

And last but not least, you’ve always valued money.

In the end, if it’s fine to be sad in life, then it’s better to be sad in luxurious apartment with a tub of the best ice cream.


When children play, especially toddlers, they tend to face their parents. That’s because they are subconsciously asking for approval. So, our dear friend, you’ve chosen the correct answer.

This means that you are a highly intelligent person, although you are probably not even aware of it.

You are one of those people whose left hemisphere of the brain is highly developed. This is the region connected with reasoning and logic. Now you know why you’ve always been the first to answer a question in class.

You are very rational and you always give the most practical advices. Your experience comes from your rich social life – that’s where you’ve learned everything about life.

Your honesty, the ability to keep secrets and your incredible sense of humor are the jewel on the crown.

When it comes to love and romance, you seem to have a sensual streak: you are the one who is always wooed; because thanks your practicality, your personality always stands out sparkling and attracting the opposite sex.