When Love Is Not Enough

Is true love the most powerful thing?

Part of me – the romantic side says “yes”, but the other part – the realistic one remains skeptical. Love is really powerful, but is it able to fight against incompatibility? Is it able to overcome the beliefs and dreams that are contrary to one another? Is it able to overcome the different lifestyles? Imagine that he wants to settle down, get married and live with her in his hometown and she is dedicated to human rights work and needs to travel all the time.

What happens then?

The simplest answer would be that one of the partners has to sacrifice for the name of love – but how much are they willing to pay for love? Should we sacrifice our dreams and ambitions for it? Are we willing to compromise our values? Is it the right thing to do?

What happens when the obstacles are way worse than this? What if the person you are deeply in love with is not only wrong for you, but damaging too? What if the person you love is abusive or suffers from some mental illness that cannot be tolerated?

Even if it’s hard for you to accept the truth, you just have to, for your own good. Love is simply not enough to make a relationship work. There comes a time when you have to let the other person go, no matter how much you love them.

This doesn’t mean that the love you shared wasn’t real. It doesn’t mean that the relationship was a waste of time. We can grow and learn and gain so much from loving a certain person without feeling the need for them to be our last. Love is never a waste of time, but something most worthwhile you can do with your time and energy. Just because you cannot be with someone forever doesn’t mean that you should give up on the chance to let yourself fall for them.

The problems, of course, come in the moment when you have to let them go. Love changes everything. You are not the same person after you’ve loved. And then it’s over.

What’s the best thing to do after that?

Separation is a painful thing. Luckily, pain makes us grow. We grow from pain more than we d from love. Break-ups are not easy, but they are useful. Sometimes separation teaches us more about the value of love than the actual feeling of love. Sometimes you can love someone wholeheartedly but that won’t be enough for them to stay. But even if they leave you should not regret loving them. You should be brave enough to choose to love someone, especially if you are not sure if that love will be successful or not. Give them your love anyway, because you know that the risk will pay off anyway!