What You See First in These Images Will Reveal the Truth Behind

People can often see different things in one and the same image, and their perception actually reveals a lot about their personality and aspects of their subconscious.

Dr.Steven Abel says:

“Have you ever heard the phrase that someone “can’ t see the forest for the trees”? This usually refers to the fact that someone cannot look beyond the details to get the big picture about a situation, that he or she cannot disengage his or her perception from the particular details to get a grasp of the general gist of the situation.

Psychologist Herman Witkin studied such differences in perceptual style for almost 30 years. He came to call this topic “field dependence versus field independence”. Witkin’s first book was title Personality Through Perception (Witkin et al., 1954), and this title captures the idea that personality can be revealed through differences in how people perceive their environment.”

Therefore, take a look at the following images and see what they reveal about you:

What Do You See First?

What You See First in These Images


You do not want to be nosy and dig deeper, and you are not a judgmental person. Yet, you are afraid of taking risks in life.


You always think outside the box and try to find deeper value in life. You are eager to find solutions to problems.


You are a growth-oriented person and work hard to improve yourself. You also love to help others.

What Do You See First?

What You See First in These Images


You tend to care more about other people than yourself, but you can often neglect your own value and needs.

Water Splashing

You are always expecting a storm, and you are very cautious in life.


You have a positive attitude in life, and you are adventurous and have a free spirit.

What Do You See First?

What You See First in These Images


You are unaware of what surrounds you and do not spend your time overthinking things.


You are quick but very observational, and you pay attention to details.


Sometimes be a bit absent-minded at times, and do not want to try new things. You mainly stick to the things you know and do not experiment at all.

What Do You See First?

What You See First in These Images


You take relationships seriously, and your loved one is always on your mind. You can even be clingy at times.


You easily get startled and scared, and you might also suffer from anxiety, as you tend to worry too much about things.


You probably feel lonely and crave for some kind of affection you need.

So, did you learn something new about yourself with the help of these images, or they just confirmed what you already knew about your personality?