We Don’t Meet Anyone by Accident – 5 Types of Cosmic Connections

Everything about the Universe is so mysterious. It’s messy and complex, but somehow everything seems to be in a complete harmony.

There may be some truth when people say that consequences don’t exist. Even the smallest, unimportant things happen in the context of some great plan, and have a greater purpose. And all that is only the Universe using its magic.

Life is not easy, one day we’re happy the next we are sad, we pass through many roads, some more difficult than others, and all the smallest details we experience every day, have certain meanings and values. And the Universe makes us company through all the roads we go.

On these roads we meet people who have different purposes in our lives, some of them teach us lessons, and others leave our life without even saying goodbye. Some are meant to stay forever and others are not, but if someone has crossed our path, it was certainly for some reason.

In your life you are about to experience 5 types of cosmic connections:

People who come to awake us

Some people enter our lives and bring a lot of changes with them. They can cause those changes both directly and indirectly. For instance, some directly tell us that we have to change something in our lives and others do something and let us realize by ourselves that we need to make some changes. Of course, the Universe has previously arranged all this for us.

If these people don’t appear in your life, you would remain stuck and you won’t be able to move forward.

People who remind us

Some just appear in our lives only to remind us of our dreams and goals. The reason why these people are sent by the Universe is to remind us that we have to be more concentrated in our path in life.

These people make us remember who we truly are and what the things we really want in our lives are.

People who help us grow

Some people simply help us grow as persons. They make us company and are leaders of our journey through life. Sometimes these people can even hurt us, or bring some challenges in our life, all this with one reason – to show us the real path just in case we lose it. They teach us some lessons we would never learn on our own.
These people promote our self-growth.

These people just hold space for us

Some people come and go so quickly that we hardly remember them. These are the people you meet on the bus, in a street, in a coffee shop, people we exchange some chit chat about the weather, with which we don’t further our friendship. The purpose they are here is only to hold space for us.

These people just make your day better.

People who stay forever

Several people will manage to stay with you forever. They are extremely rare and it’s really hard to find them, but they are also people that we value the most. They are all those people who make our daily life beautiful: family, close friends, life partners and even soul mates.

These people have the same interests as you; you pursue the same life goals.

These people are sent by the Universe when it is the right time. All you have to do is be patient and wait for them to come. Because these Twin Flames are worth the wait and sooner or later your souls will be connected with an invisible indestructible force. Just follow your heart and everything will be all right.