We can’t Break Up with a Soulmate

No matter how much effort we put in, we are just not able to break up with our soulmate.
Everything has happened one ordinary day, when we didn’t even have a clue what was really happening, they have come and changed our whole life…

Our life can change in just one second, and the rest of the events are led by the energy flow, positive vibrations and everything else our soulmates bring with themselves.

Maybe we have met them in the library on the corner, or maybe on that beautiful beach that magical summer. Maybe we’ve opened our eyes one morning and realized that the person who was in front of us all the time is someone that actually means the whole world to us.

It’s not so important how it happened, what is important, actually, is that they are here. And although everything seems the same, actually, it is a little bit different.

You’ve become as close as two coats of paint, and no matter what stood on your way, the only thing you knew was that you have to be close to your soulmate, the only person in your life who approached to you in a totally different way than anyone else.

We feel as if we are one with this person and we can totally picture our future together with them.

We could feel that our thoughts, emotions and spirituality are connected in a total harmony, and then we kissed. It felt like we’ve entered in a colorful soap bubble and moved harmoniously through space together.

We’ve never questioned our relationship, but we knew that we need to be together.

Our experience through life has thought us that we can rarely find a soulmate.

We had no idea how we feel or how to deal with that feeling.

There was a time when things were not going so well, so we realized that no matter how we feel, we have to break up. We have to put an end to it because everything seems different than before. Things have changed, or we have changed.

So we left them, or they left us. It is not important who did it, because both of us felt deeply in our souls that we are not perfectly united anymore as we used to be before.

We carried on with our lives.

We tried to be happy and satisfied with all the other good things offered by our lives. And no matter how occupied and active we were, at the end of the day, in those moments of silence, we were still able to feel our soulmates.

No matter how difficult it gets, they were still there, and in fact it never felt wrong. It was like the thin air we could never catch. It was always there.

It wasn’t important where we have gone, who loved us or who we loved – our soulmate was all the time here, their touch burning up our skin and their lips staining our soul.

Our souls are connected to each other, and we could never split them up, or try to be the same person we were before we met them, or even worse, try to think that they never existed.

We made love and then escaped; we shared our deepest secrets and then pretended that whatever we said to each other wasn’t so important. We laughed together so hard and then pretended that they weren’t our only reason to smile.

And now after months, or even years, we still have the same wounds that never heal. Although we have made a list of so many reasons why we shouldn’t love them, we still do… the same thoughts over and over again.

We hoped that one day we will get a sign or a message from the universe, telling us why we are not together. But no message has ever appeared.

Even though so much time has passed, our thoughts still float towards our soulmate, the person who entered our lives and changed everything without doing anything special.

At the end, we accepted this love as a gift from the universe and as a part of our heavenly purpose.

And what we’ve learned throughout all those years is, no matter what we do, we are just not able to break up with a soulmate.