This is the Easiest Way to Escape a Sinking Vehicle. Knowing How Might Save Your Life Some Day

The idea of your car suddenly plunging into deep water is terrifying, but it is a fact that life can be unpredictable, so it would be useful to know what to do if it submerged under water after a crash.

According to Geoff Fahringer, an expert diver, escaping from that situation is much more difficult than we think.

According to ABC News:

“ For a dozen years, he’s been on the dive rescue team for the Collier County Sheriff’s department in Naples, Fla. But there’s one thing he’d never done — until now. On a sunny day in Naples this month, Fahringer got into a car on a boat ramp and steered right into an 8-foot-deep canal.

“What we’re going to show is that you have a minute or less to get the window open on your vehicle, and get out of the car. Get the window down, get out of the car,” he said.”

People immediately start panicking in such a situation, and since the time is short for rescuers to reach them, many people do not survive.  Therefore, it is essential to learn how to save yourself.

When the vehicle is completely underwater, you have a small amount of time, so don’t try to call for help. In the following video, Geoff explains that you actually have 30 to 60 seconds; and this is the time you will need to organize in order to unbuckle your seatbelt and roll down your window to climb out.

Geoff gives all instructions in details and explains what to do is there are children of infants in the car.

We hope you will never need this knowledge, but just to be on the safe side, make sure you watch the video and see what it teaches you: