This Adorable Microwaveable Sloth Toy Helps Relieve Stress, Aches, And Pains

Stress and pain have similar effects on the body, as they elevate blood and heart pressure, tighten the muscles and make the breathing tight and shallow.

Nowadays, numerous people suffer from chronic stress, and this makes their bodies always on alert, in a constant state of tension, which in turn raises the stress hormones in the body.

If you are trying to find a simple way to relieve stress and alleviate pain, the Intelex Warmies Cozy Plush Sloth is something you need to try!

This cute sloth can be bought from Amazon and costs $20 only. You can purchase one for you or for someone you love, and it is also great for children older than three if they have difficulties to fall asleep.

These sloth plushies are filled with flaxseed and dried French lavender, and when microwaved, they become cuddly and warm and release the amazing soothing scents of lavender.

According to Intelex Warmies, these sloth buddies reduce stress and relieve headaches, sinus pressure, hypertension, arthritis pain, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, colic, flu, and tendonitis.

According to Mental Floss:

“Your sloth pal can also be converted into a cold pack by placing it in a plastic bag and sticking it in the freezer for two to three hours. That way, if you bump your head and happen to be all out of frozen peas, you will have something handy to reduce the swelling. The plush toy weighs under two pounds and is easy to clean: Just take a damp cloth and wipe it down.”

Warmies are safe as both, a heat compress and a cold compress, and thus offer numerous benefits, like muscle and joint pain relief, back pain, insomnia, inflammation in the body, common colds and the flu.

These toys also provide comfort and relief to autistic people and people with sensory processing disorders, and if you do not like the sloth, you can find numerous other plushie variants, like moose, foxes, unicorns, sheep, bears, huskies, and snow leopards.

There are numerous other ways to naturally relieve stress, lower the levels of stress hormones in the body, and avoid serious health complications. These are the most effective techniques:

  • Meditation drastically lowers stress since it soothes the mind, and the deep breaths calm the entire body
  • Guided imagery is a technique that requires breathing deeply while imagining some calm place in nature where you can enjoy the smells and colors and release your worries
  • Foursquare breathing is a specific breathing technique that requires taking a very deep breath where the abdomen contracts and expands like a balloon. You should breathe into the count of four, hold the breath to the count of four, and breathe out to the count of four.
  • You need to try self-talk, as talking to yourself has a great power to neutralize negative thinking, and help you overcome stress quicker. Encourage yourself and loudly remind yourself of your own value.

Moreover, it would be of great help to start exercising regularly, do stretching exercises, spend more time in nature and with people you love, like your family and friends. Make sure you focus on things and people that make you happy, and you will manage to bring positivity in your life.