8 Things Men Secretly Find Attractive In Women (But Never Talk About)

It’s not easy to say what exactly attracts two people because there are so many different factors. In this article, you are going to read about some of the main factors and features that make a man be attracted to a woman.

So what do you think these features are? Is it the beauty of her eyes or something about her personality?

A research suggests that men are attracted to certain traits and are not consciously aware of it – it is a subconscious, animalistic instinct.

So here are 8 features that men subconsciously find attractive in women.

Hourglass figure

Most of the women think that men like tall and skinny women. However, men instinctively pick women with hourglass figures and this has something to do with reproductivity.

If a woman has big hips, small waist and curved lower back it means that she is fertile and able to conceive. So if you possess this type of figure, don’t hesitate to show it!

Physical symmetry

In ancient Egypt, one of the main signs of perfect beauty was the physical symmetry. It was associated with a healthy and strong bloodline.

Even though most men are not aware of this, many studies have confirmed that their instincts always choose the woman with a symmetrical face over a woman whose face is not so symmetrical.

If your face is not so perfectly symmetrical, don’t worry. First of all, you have to know that no one’s face is perfectly symmetrical and secondly there are so many make up tutorials on the internet so you can easily learn how to even out all the asymmetrical features.

Long beautiful tresses

A study, which was conducted in 2003 and published in Human Nature, studied the men’s reaction to different hairstyles such as: the top bun, ponytail, short, medium-length, long and tressed hair.

The results of the study showed that the long and the medium-length hair were considered to be both the most attractive and a sign of health and wellbeing.

So, next time you go out let your beautiful long hair down and enjoy the attention you get from the opposite sex.

The red color

The little black dress in nothing in comparison with any other red-colored clothe. So if you want to attract the male gaze tonight – pick something red.

A 2008 research, conducted in the University of Rochester, suggests that the color red is extremely seductive in the eyes of men. Most of the participants in the study chose the women in red over women dressed in any other color. So without any doubt – red is the color of seduction.

Pheromone smell

When someone says that they feel a good chemistry with someone, they always think of smell. The scent is considered to be a natural attractor.

For instance, it was proven that the smell of the woman’s tears decreases the men’s arousal and testosterone levels.

Some companies that produce perfumes have been looking for one magical smell that can make everyone feel attracted to it or even fall in love with it. However, their attempt was unsuccessful, because they discovered that there is no single smell that can seduce all the people, but only certain smells can attract certain men. So, if someone is highly attracted to you, it’s probably because of your body’s natural smell.

Maybe we should change the old saying “love at first sight” into “love at first smell”.

Captivating eyes

The saying that “eyes are the windows of the soul” is definitely true because when it comes to attraction, men just can’t help but fall in love with captivating eyes.

Both form and shape play a great role in this. So according to some studies, bright, light, almond-shaped eyes are incredibly attractive to men.

However, sometimes there is something more than just the shape and color. According to another research eyes that have curvy slopes and dark eyelashes can attract men like a hummingbird to sugar.

The least attractive eyes are considered to be those with droopy eyelids.

Tone of voice

According to a recent study published in Psychology Today, women who possess a higher pitched voice are considered to be more attractive. What is more, the tone of the voice is believed to be the main indicator that shows whether the woman is physically attractive or not.

Some women think that the deep and slow voice is more attractive, but actually they are wrong, because men prefer women with higher and lighter tones.

The type of voice says a lot about the woman’s personality too. If your voice is pleasing, so is your personality. The best thing about this feature is that you can train your voice to sound sexier.

Plump, kissable lips

According to a study conducted in by Manchester University, lips are considered to be one of the most attractive parts of a woman’s body.

Men stared in the lips of women with red lipstick for an average of 7 seconds. This is a lot in comparison with the eyes and hair which held their attention for less than 2 seconds.

Thin lips are usually considered to be less attractive, but with red lipstick their attractiveness increases by incredible 40%.

What we want to say is, if you want him to notice you, stop fussing with your hair and just buy the perfect red shade that will make your lips pop!