These Are The Most Powerful Secrets To Meaningful Relationships (#10 Is Essential)

Vernon Howard has written a book called Mystic Path to Cosmic Power in which he talks about psychological and spiritual truths in simple terms.

Below you will read an excerpt from the same book that deals with the secrets to meaningful relationships.


In a relationship, the person who possesses stronger self-insight is often more valued. That person is usually calmer and more grounded.

Stay away from manipulation

Do not allow the actions of the other person dictate the way you feel about yourself.

Intentions are more important than actions

Instead of trusting people’s words or actions; try to realize their deepest intentions and reason why they decided on such actions and speech.

A sense of independence

In any type of relationship you shouldn’t give up on your self-respect and personhood.

Having a feeling as if you are one with the other person

All the people are very similar in nature is some strange way. It is impossible to hurt others without hurting yourself and vice versa. In the same way, it’s impossible to make someone happy without making yourself feel happy too.

Remove any unnecessary desire

If you get rid of unnecessary desires nobody will be able to deceive you.

Stop complaining all the time

You are mature enough to stop complaining and maintaining an angry guard all the time. In this way you will calm your mind.


If you know yourself well you will be able to get to know the others well too.

Experience all the human relationships

Let yourself completely experience all the possible human relationships. This will enable you to finally see all the things clearly.

Know the true meaning of love

If you know what love means, then it won’t be so painful when you see your love gone or when you are rejected.

Find out how to deal with heartaches

Don’t try to run away from heartaches or to heal as quickly as possible. It needs time, feel it with all the intensity before you find a replacement.

Never look for social validation

Don’t be afraid if you feel like you are totally unimportant in the social world. There is much deeper truth than what you see on the surface.

The pleasant and the unpleasant have the same value

When you completely experience both the pleasant and unpleasant things, you get the real picture of a person.

Be aware of the things that hurt you

Do not ignore all the injuries that hurt you so much, they will become so visible that other people will start pointing them out.

Identify the good in others

Sometimes we can’t see all the good qualities that other people possess. Identify the good qualities of others, no matter if you possess them or not.

Desire and love are two different things

Desire makes you long for more and more satisfaction. Love is peaceful and doesn’t ask for more and more.

Try to be positive

Find a way to encourage only the positive feelings within yourself.


Never let other’s opinions stand on your way to happiness. Don’t be afraid of judgments and live in accordance to the way you feel.

Be your real self

Don’t try to be the person that everyone loves. Be the real you and don’t try to be the person that other people expect from you to be.

Change your inner self into one of goodness

Turning your inner self into a good and true human being is the best thing you can do, not only for you but for the person you are in a relationship with too. Make some effort to increase your strengths and show the other person that you are worthy of their love and appreciation.