The 8 Beautiful Ways A Broken Girl Loves Differently

Love is beautiful, fantastic, brilliant – with a dark side that some, unfortunately, will experience at least once in their lifetime. There was a girl who loved wholeheartedly and was left alone in return. This girl will see love in a different way forever afterwards – doing the following 8 things differently than any other girl:

  1. She knows exactly what an incredible happiness is, since by being previously in love, has already experienced that feeling. As a result, she will always know whether or not the love you give is genuine.
  2. She also knows what exactly a genuine sadness is. By being hurt by the people whom she gave her whole trust, her heart has felt the pain of betrayal. And the wound caused by betrayal is more serious than any physical wound.
  3. She is brave and strong and she is aware of it. Since she has been through so much in her life and she managed to look at the stars again. She should be proud of herself because she managed to outshine that dark period. So she is not just a survivor, she is a warrior.
  4. People she loved have hurt her.
    There doesn’t have to be any particular reason for the people we love to turn our back to us. She knows this very well. This experience has made her stronger and she will also be very careful of it happening again.
  5. She appreciates her own worth, and doesn’t even think of giving it up for anyone or anything in this world. Because she is enough of being treated like she is not valuable, now she decides that her self-worth is the most important thing in the world.
  6. After everything she’s been through, she will be protected. People have hurt her so many times, so at the end this beautifully broken girl has learned how to defend herself and take care of all the others she cares about.
  7. She needs more time. She is very careful of unwanted changes. She will do anything to prevent them from happening ever again. Therefore, she needs more time to get used even to the wanted, positive changes. Try not to push her into doing whatever she hasn’t decided to do on her own. If you do this, she will leave for sure.

We are living in a modern world where being a heartbroken girl is not something unusual. But, each woman that has been hurt should remember that the bad experiences should be just lessons learned and all these lessons will bring them close to what they’ve always wanted in their life – pure, deep, strong and unconditional LOVE.