TEST: This Math Equation Has Gone Viral, Can You Figure Out The Right Answer?

Mathematics can be hard, often times even confusing, but all of us should be able to solve some simple equation like the one below. However, it seems like there are many disagreements on the internet about the right answer. As a mathematician, I can confirm that all my colleagues are disappointed with those who got wrong answers.

Of course, there is no more than one correct answer!

There are people who feel anxious every time they see a mathematical equation – it’s like they have some kind of math-induced phobia. For those of you who experience this, just take a deep breath and try to find the correct answer to this equation.
Even though this equation seems easy at first sight, it still managed to confuse the social media users and to bring a conflict among all of them concerning the correct answer.

So, let’s see what result you end up with! Here is the equation:

6 ÷ 2(1+2) = ?

Most of the people, who tried to figure out the answer, got either 1 or 9. Some even ended up with an answer of 3, 0, or even 6, but they were not even close to the right answer. Anyway, only one answer is correct, and that is 9, and if you got this answer: congratulations, equation correctly solved!

So what’s the reason for so much confusion with such a simple equation? The owner of the YouTube channel MindYourDecisions, Presh Talwalkar, has explained this. He claims that there are two ways in solving the problem: “the old” and “the new”. If you are doing it the “old” way than you’ve probably got 1 and if you are doing it the “new” way, than your answer is 9.

Click on the video below to see the whole explanation. Do you agree with what he said?

To sum up, only one result is correct and that is 9!

If you got some completely different result other than 9 or 1, please don’t be too hard on yourself. The best thing to do is revise some mathematics and the next time you will be better for sure!

Feel free to write your answers in the comment section below.