Only 1 In 20 People Can Spot The Baby In This Picture. Can You?

There are so many brain teasers and optical illusions on the internet. This picture has become viral on the internet lately. The picture by itself is peaceful and still. You see a couple, standing in front of a lake and enjoying the natural calmness. It seems like there is only the two of them, but obviously they are not alone. There is a hidden baby that neither of them sees it. So where is it?

Look at the picture carefully, can you find the hidden baby in it? If you can’t see it right away, don’t worry. Most of the people don’t. As a means to see the baby, it is necessary to think outside the box. It might be helpful if we tell you that the baby is in a position like it would be in the mother’s womb.

It also might be helpful if we tell you that the baby is a lot bigger when you compare it to the couple on the picture.

Anyway, if you are still unable to spot the baby and you need some extra help… it’s on the top of the picture. The strangely-shaped trees form a part of its body.

Still can’t spot the hidden baby? Look closely in the trees that form the baby’s feet and then at the top of the picture beyond the couple’s heads, you’ll see its body and face.

If you still have problems with spotting the baby, we offer another solution. The hidden baby is marked in red:

Spot The Baby In This Picture