6 Spiritual Gifts All Empaths Have And Don’t Even Know

What does it mean “to be an empath?”

Being an empath is not something you do, it’s something you are. You have been hard-wired since birth to be this way for a reason: to anchor the light of your soul onto planet Earth. And while you may be wondering why you would be put here with such a task, your real purpose is something greater…

In reality the only thing that empaths are asked to do is to work on themselves, which for them is very hard to do because they are natural givers. Their major life purpose is really to learn how to take care of themselves and their gift. In doing so, they have the power to transform their lives and the lives of others in a very profound way.

Here are 6 gifts all empaths have, without realizing it:

They are natural healers

An empath possesses healing energy. They can soothe others with the power of their voice, or by using their hands. Many empaths pursue a career in psychology since they feel it’s their inner calling to listen to other people and heal them.

Their healing abilities will improve overtime, once they learn to let go and trust their energy flow, without fearing becoming drained by others. In reality, when they heal others, they heal themselves.

They are more in tune with their sixth sense

This helps them sense potential dangers before most people can, like earthquakes or something burning. This can even lead to saving lives.

They usually know when someone is lying to them

Because empaths are so gifted when it comes to pinpointing others’ emotions, they can also easily spot a lie. So be careful when around an empath: they will see right through you!

They are more aware of other people’s feelings

This skill takes a lot of practice, but empaths are really good at it. An empath can tell when people are just wearing masks and is even able to read the person behind the mask.

Empaths are particularly creative

They have a very rich imagination and are usually moved by art. Moreover, these are the people who often make the greatest artists, be they writers, painters or musicians. Also, they are great manifestors! Their manifesting abilities are very strong once they learn how to use the power of intention with emotional vibrational alignment.

They have heightened senses

This ability helps them enjoy food, beautiful scents, or music with more intensity. No wonder they lead such deep and intense lives! Their intuitive abilities can skyrocket practically overnight, once they learn how to manage their energy. Empaths are very intuitive, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairknowing.