8 Signs Someone Is 100% Fake And You Should Watch Out

Trying to tell the difference between someone who is genuinely nice and someone who is faking it can be as confounding as trying to tell the difference between a work of art and a well-made replica.

But thanks to some intel from Lifehack, the former doesn’t have to be. Titled “8 Signs of Fake Nice People You Need to Be Aware Of,” an infographic from Lifehack presents one column featuring eight different traits and behaviors commonly displayed by genuinely nice people and an opposing column showing that fake people typically behave in the opposite manner.

Have you ever gotten the feeling that a person you were friends with or even dating had a hidden agenda or simply could care less about your thoughts and opinions? Heed the advice of the following eight signs of fake people from Lifehack to determine which of your relationships is worth seriously investing in.

They Only Respect Those in Positions of Power

When it comes to respect, most would agree that everyone is deserving of this sentiment. Yet, fake people have a tendency to solely respect people in power, according to Lifehack. If someone you’re spending time with isn’t respectful of everyone around them, they may be faking it.

They Work Hard to Build Relationships

While genuine people don’t have to put in extreme effort to grow their circle of friends, fake people may try hard to earn the affections of others. Friendship and other kinds of relationships come naturally to those who are truly interested, but Lifehack suggests that fake people go about creating relationships in a less organic fashion.

They Seek Out Attention

While it’s okay to crave the spotlight every now and then, one sign of fake people is that they constantly seek attention. In comparison, an authentic person likely knows when to let others shine.

They Gossip

While a quick gossip session can be tempting from time to time, it’s one activity that can help you spot fake people. Honest people are more willing to openly share their opinions while fake people may keep their comments limited to a whisper.

They’re Quick to Show Off

Being proud of your hard-earned accomplishments is one thing, but showing off all of the time is a clear sign of a fake person. Genuine people are humble and uninterested in constant bragging, according to Lifehack.

They Put Others Down in Order to Look Good

Only those who lack real merits feel the need to criticize others to keep up appearances. Sincere individuals would rather admire and compliment others, while fakers may be quick to put others down in name of making themselves look better.

They Make Promises They Can’t Keep

A genuine person will do their best to live up to promises and commitments, but a fake person may talk the talk without walking the walk. Lifehack suggests that fake people easily make commitments, but rarely follow through on them.

They’re Only Nice If There’s Something in It for Them

A surefire sign of a fake person is one who only shows kindness when it benefits them. In comparison, Lifehack points out that genuine people are just that—genuine. They’re nice and helpful no matter circumstances.

Keep an eye out for these signs of fake people and make room for more meaningful, genuine relationships in your life.