Signs That You May Be An Earth Angel And Don’t Even Know It!

Many people know there’s something special about them but lack a concrete understanding of exactly what it is.

Earth Angels are everywhere and were sent to learn certain things about the human condition and to guide humans on earth. They have been sent back to learn or heal others.

Most Earth Angels know and feel that they are different. They come into our lives randomly and unexpectedly, specially when we need them the most, spreading positive vibes and love, to help guide us on the right path. Earth Angels make a difference on earth by bringing love and light of the higher spiritual realms into physical reality.

Earth Angels are people who walk among us, and whether you’re aware of it or not, you yourself maybe one!

Earth Angel aren’t perfect. Earth Angels also make mistakes, experience challenges, and feel disconnected at times.

If you think that perhaps you are an Earth Angel or know somebody who maybe one, yet you are not completely sure, then check out the signs below:

  1. You are highly sensitive.
  2. You rely on your intuition.
  3. Strangers tend to vent their problems and frustrations to you.
  4. You accept others for whoever they are.
  5. You seem wise far beyond your years.
  6. You may not have stability yet your basic needs always seem to be taken care of.
  7. You feel empathetic towards others.
  8. You aren’t so great about managing your own responsibilities and boundaries.
  9. You inspires people and you can lift peoples energy without much effort.
  10. You may feel a constant struggle to align yourself with the physical world.
  11. You try to align yourself with societal expectations yet you have a very hard time doing so, as it leaves you feeling empty.
  12. You have an intense and deep personality and not afraid to dig deep within your psyche and the psyche of others to find the truth.
  13. Your emotions feel deep and heavy at times and can fluctuate from positive to negative. You also have an understanding of both the light and dark side of emotions.
  14. As children, Earth Angels have a tendency to be diagnosed with various cognitive disorders because of their lack of concern for the material world.
  15. Earth Angels are those who have a wish to bring peace, light and love to all on mother earth.