Science explains why certain people experience ‘Déjà vu’

The word “Déjà vu” originates from the French language and signifies a psychological phenomenon which can happen at any time and any place. According to some research 70% of the world’s population is affected by it.

Majority of the people have experienced ‘déjà vu’ at least once in their life. It is a strange experience where you have the feeling as if time passes by slowly and that all the information you receive in that moment has already happened somewhere in the distant past. But, this phenomenon is hard to be explained or understood. Scientists have given a lot of suggestions. Some say that it is something connected with paranormal activities, others say it may be because of some neurological disorders and even numerous universes existing together within us.

The moment you begin to experience ‘déjà vu’, you feel as if some mysterious force takes control over the situation and uses its mysterious voice to speak in your subconscious: ‘this has occurred before’.

Michelle Hook, professor at the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine, claims that it is extremely hard for the ‘déjà vu’ to be studied in laboratory. He added that according to some research around two-thirds of all the people in the world have experienced minimum one déjà vu episode in their lifetime.

Scientists explain this phenomenon as the product of some “technical problem” in our brain when some group of neurons, which is connected to familiarity and recognition, makes certain confusion between the present and the past.

Other studies suggest that the ‘déjà vu’ phenomenon is connected to a problem with the processing of information in the neural pathways. This is how scientists have explained it. Before the information comes to the cortical areas of the brain, it travels through numerous pathways. The information from each pathway usually comes to the cortical areas at the same time. But, sometimes it occurs to some information to come later to the brain, making the ‘déjà vu’ feeling.

According to the scientists, when there is a difference in processing, occurring within these pathways, there is a disruption in the perception and the brain experience it as two different messages. The second version that has come through slowed secondary pathway is interpreted as an independent occurrence. That’s the moment when the strange feeling of déjà vu happens.

Dr. Michio Kaku, an American theoretical physicist and futurist, claims that the ‘déjà vu phenomenon can be explained by the parallel universes and says that that quantum physics gives the details needed to serve as a proof that ‘déjà vu’ is probably caused by the human ability to ‘enter in different parallel universes’.

Few scientists support the idea that other universes exist and it is highly possible that there is an infinite number of parallel realities within one same room.