20 Profound Quotes By Carl Jung That Will Help You To Better Understand Yourself

One of the main reasons why I love Carl Jung is that he was a profound philosophical thinker who looked at the inner self from many different perspectives in the period when he used to write about human experience. The quotes below indicate that Jung was sure that humans are spiritual beings and that if we have a spiritual relationship with ourselves, it will help us discover the deeper aspects of who we actually are.

Some people relate this idea to religion – being comfortable in the existence of something superior than themselves – but I don’t agree with this. I thing that this is not enough for a person to discover the core of who they really are.

Carl Jung was a philosopher who created the modern depth psychology that tries to enable the conversation with the energies in our unconscious mind that circulate through each of us. He gave many ideas which are still discussed even today. Some of these ideas include: shadow, personality typology, individuation, anima and animus, dream interpretation etc. He greatly appreciated our creative life and believed that spirituality is the central part of the human journey.

The summary of who he is and what he does is something that inspired me to write this article in the first place. As I was doing a research on what he has said, I started to appreciate Jung and his work even more. He was definitely a deep thinker and possessed infinite knowledge about the human’s inner being.

Jung also appreciated astrology. He helped me understand it and value it more, too. When I say astrology I don’t mean opening the daily newspaper and read the predictions for the day or week. I mean real astrology, something that only few of us have been exposed to, and therefore don’t realize the real value and meaning of it. (Maybe I will write another article on this one day!)

Enough with my stories – let’s go back to Carl Jung! Below you will read 20 quotes that will serve as an accurate representation of his ideas and will also offer much to reflect on.

  1. ” A person does not become enlightened by creating imaginative figures of light, but by being aware of the darkness.”
  2. “If someone wants to leave from your life, let them go. That’s the only way to meet the one who’s coming.”
  3. “By the time you turn the unconscious into conscious, it will direct your life and you will name it fate.”
  4. “All the things that make us feel irritated by others; can help us understand ourselves better.”
  5. “When two personalities meet with each other, it’s like joining two chemical substances together: if a reaction appears, both are transformed.”
  6. “I am not defined by my experiences in life, I am what I choose to become.”
  7. “In order to deal with other peoples’ darkness, you need to know your own darkness first.”
  8. “Being a gifted person doesn’t indicate that you’ve achieved something, it indicates that you have something to give back.”
  9. “Mistakes are the real path that leads to truth, and if a person doesn’t know what something is, at least he has learned what it is not.”
  10. “Only when you manage to look into your own heart you will be able to see clear. Who looks outside – sleeps, who looks inside – awakes.”
  11. ” Human beings are afraid to face with their own souls, so they’d do anything to avoid it.”
  12. ” Loneliness does not appear when we are alone, but when we are not able to express the thoughts and emotions that seem important to us, or from having certain opinions that other find unacceptable.”
  13. “Depression is a woman dressed in black. If she knocks on your door, never shoo her away. Invite her in, let her be your guest and pay close attention to what she is saying.”
  14. “If a person has never passed through the inferno of his passions, it means that he still hasn’t overcome them.”
  15. “Look deeply into your soul and your perception of the world will become clear.”
  16. “The thing you resist is the thing that persists.”
  17. “A dream is a small chamber, hidden in the deepest and most personal place of the soul.”
  18. “We think that we are completely aware of our actions and deeds. However, a friend can easily tell something about us that we are absolutely unaware about.”
  19. ” The things done by others which don’t satisfy us help us to understand who we really are.”
  20. “Children learn from what we are, not from what we talk.”