People Who Are Always Late Are More Successful And Live Longer, Confirms Science

If you are one of those people who are always late and other people criticize you a lot about that – don’t worry. It seems like being late is not so bad anymore. Scientists have discovered that people who rarely show up on time have a lot of positive personality characteristics.

Below we offer some of those positive characteristics.

They are relaxed and positive.

You have someone on your mind, don’t you? Maybe it is some of your family members who simply cannot get anywhere on time – or maybe that person is you! It’s not important who this person is, what is really important is that people who are late feel less stressed, which leads to so many health benefits for sure! These people also tend to think out of the box. So, all these things lead to greater professional success and longer and happier life.

Being late makes you more optimistic.

Diana DeLazor claims that most of the people who are always late are optimistic as well as unrealistic; this has an influence on their perception of time. They are convinced that they can go for a run, prepare lunch, go to the supermarket and drop off the kids at school within an hour.

This optimism increases the chances to succeed.

Their positive thinking leads to a success both in their private life and in their career. According to a recent study made by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company where all the participants were salesmen, the most optimistic salesmen sold 88% more than those who were pessimistic.

They are full of enthusiasm

Enneagram Institute conducted a research and found out that people who don’t know how to organize their time are considered to be enthusiasts. These people have positive and negative traits. The negative traits include being over-extended, undisciplined, scattered and absent minded, and the positive traits include being spontaneous, extroverted, cheerful and playful.

Their time passes differently.

Jeff Conte, a psychology professor at San Diego State, carried a research and got some very interesting results. The participants were divided into two groups – Group A (impatient and competitive) and Group B (creative and relaxed) personalities. People who are always late belong to Group B. The task of all the participants was to guess how much time had passed after one minute. The participants from Group A answered on average 57 seconds, while those from the Group B answered 78 seconds. So, it was concluded that late people definitely perceive time to be longer than it actually is.

Multitaskers perceive time more slowly too.

Jeff Conte conducted yet another research which included people who had multitasking jobs. He discovered that people who had multitasking jobs had a tendency to be late more often than their colleagues who worked in the same company but they didn’t multitask.

They are so dedicated to their activities that they often lose track of time.

According to, people who are always late tend to engage in so many different hobbies, and they maximally dedicate themselves to all those hobbies. That’s why they cannot get anywhere on time.

They are more adventurous.

As a result of their easy-going nature, people who are always late never worry about train times, flights or booking hotels. They will just pack their bags and leave. And where will they eat or sleep? It’s not so important – they will figure it out along the way. Now, that’s what we call adventure!

And are extremely bad with finances too.

As we already said, late people also tend to be more adventurous too. This means that they don’t think about the future but they live in the moment. That’s why it is so hard for them to save for the future. If these people had the self-control to arrive on time, they would also be able to control themselves not to buy that beautiful dress/suit that costs a fortune.

They enjoy beating targets and norms.

People who tend to be late never listen to instructions. This makes them creative and able to find some unique and often better methods. According to DeLonzor, there are two types of people. The first are those who enjoy in the process of doing something. They will start on time and finish on time or even before the deadline. The second get adrenaline rush when they do as much things in as little time as possible.

According to cardiologists, they have lower risk of heart disease.

A research study, conducted in 2003 and published in the International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, confirmed that people who tend to be always on time and do their best to meet deadlines have a higher risk of developing some heart disease. That’s because of the higher levels of stress they experience daily. This indicates that people who don’t worry about timekeeping rarely suffer from some stress-related disease.