Never date someone who does these 15 things

It goes without saying that choosing the person you are going to date is one of the greatest decisions you can ever make.

Hopefully, you are going to spend the rest of your life with this person, so you really have to be careful with your decision.

Even if your relationship lasts only one year, it’s still enough time for it to make serious changes on your personality, your thoughts and your whole life after that.

You have to be sure that they are worth it. Because if they are not, than not only you are going to waste your time, but it can lead to serious consequences on your whole life too.

Trust me, because I’ve written all this from my personal experience.

So, before you decide that he/she is the one you want to date, make sure that they don’t do the following 15 things!

They act weirdly every time you want to touch their phone

This is a serious red flag because it indicates that they are hiding something from you and will never be able to fully trust them. And we all know that without trust, the relationship is doomed to an end.

They also act weirdly when you ask them about their day at work or what they did during the weekend

You don’t have to do all the things together, but if they don’t want to tell you what they are doing when you are not with them, it has to make you wonder. It’s impossible to trust someone who is hiding something from you most of the time.

They tell you something, and soon they change their story

They describe a situation they have found themselves in, and later on, they change it up. They obviously didn’t say the truth. You can’t trust them if you can’t trust what they say.

They always put you down

Some people feed their ego by feeling better than others. They often achieve this by calling you names or by putting you down. If they often do this to you, then you should immediately put an end to this relationship. You are not there just to make them feel better about themselves, both of you should be happy!

They are mad at you when you don’t want sex

This is a huge red flag, because they see you as nothing more than a sex object. The truth is, sex is just a small part of many parts that constitute a successful relationship. If sex is the most important thing for them in this relationship, than the relationship lacks depth and you’ll get hurt at the end.

They’ve never bought you anything

It doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or a girl, expressing this basic courtesy is crucial for a successful relationship. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, just a small thing that will show that they are paying attention is more than enough. Don’t forget that a successful relationship requires two people who give and receive selflessly and are always there for each other.

They don’t respect your friends and family

If they always criticize your friends and family and don’t show any respect for them, it means that they don’t respect you either. This does not just mean that you are not compatible with each other, but it also indicates that they are bad a person. You don’t need this negative energy in your life, believe me.

They hold you to double standards

A typical example of this is if they are allowed to go out with their friends whenever they want, but they get very mad at you if you do the same. No matter how they explain all this, it’s not okay!