5 Reasons Narcissists Can’t Have Intimate Relationships

Definition of narcissism:

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), also known as Narcissism, is characterized as a strong sense of grandiosity, inability to empathize with other people and a need for admiration. People who suffer from NPD are usually described as overconfident, demanding, self-oriented and manipulative.

Narcissists have an increased need to feel powerful or superior over people.

Narcissist make the other people think that they possess extreme self-confidence – a characteristic which usually draws some people to them, but this projection is often false. In fact, they are quite fragile people. Under normal circumstances, this type of fragility would actually be a positive thing. People would be eager to help them.

However, there is no relationship with a narcissist that can be categorized as normal. Narcissists will make use of any person who is kind and wants to help. What is more, they find kind people weak. They are like some big scary predators that hade and watch for their victim.

Narcissists in a relationship:

It’s understood that a real narcissist in unable to have – and doesn’t really want – a close intimate relationship. Here are 5 reasons why is that so:


Trust is the core of an intimate relationship. However, people diagnosed with NPD are unable to trust anyone. They may enter into a one-sided relationship where they will take advantage of their partner.


As we already know, narcissists are always hungry for dominance, so in order to feed their hunger , they will start victimizing their partner. They will give something only to be able to take it. This includes love, affection, kindness and dedication. Nothing that they do comes from their hearts – they fake everything.


Narcissists lack empathy and according to many researches, they are very likely to commit violence. It was proven that the chances of being abused by your partner are higher if you are in a relationship with a narcissist.


Is it possible for a narcissist to become empathetic? Unfortunately, the answer of this question is not positive. Because they lack and will always lack empathy, they are simply not able to understand how and why they hurt you. They cannot feel anything. As trust, empathy is also very important for a successful relationship. This is just another reason why narcissists are incapable of having an intimate relationship.


If you were or still are in a relationship with a narcissist, you probably know that there is nothing that can be called true love. Some may believe that they are going to change one day; that they are going to realize that you deserve more. But, unfortunately, this will never happen. The only way to stop the abuse, manipulation and distrust is to put an end to that toxic relationship.

To conclude

I had to write one extra paragraph, mainly out of respect for those who suffer from this mental illness.

I wanted to stress out that the main purpose of this article is to teach people about the seriousness of this illness and that it may lead to serious consequences to people who love/loved them.

I think that most psychologists, psychiatrists and many other experts for mental health would admit that they doubt the origins of the narcissistic mindset. For that reason, they lack adequate treatments to correct that illness. People who have this mental illness are not responsible for their victims. However, they are responsible for recognizing it and asking for help.

It doesn’t matter what human beings do, where they live and what they think, they will always be humans. We are all responsible for treating each other like human beings, because at the end of the day, that’s what we really are.