Jim Carrey Explains How He Began His Spiritual Journey. What An Inspiration.

This is the month of motivational speeches around the whole world, held by many celebrities who decided to invest their time and fame in order to awake the almost vanished humanity in people. Particularly, this special motivational speech is held by Jim Carrey and serves as a stimulation of the spiritual awakening in all those people who have lost faith in everything.

We’ll all agree that he is one of the funniest men ever but as a person he is also very honest, spiritually aware and a fascinating man who has brought to the world something more than just comedy. As he defeated depression few years ago, he began to share his pearls of wisdom and used his own life story to “free people from concerns”, since as he says in his speech, that’s the purpose of his life.

With a simple search on YouTube you will find so many videos of his inspirational talks, but we’ve chosen this particular video because it is a compilation of several speeches that he has held around the globe.

At the beginning of the video, you will hear how his spiritual journey started, who was the person who served as a role model for him to become the person he is now. Then he goes on giving some of the best advices you will ever be able to hear.

This is a message that shines though every soul, a message which can, and probably has already changed a millions of lives. So bare these touching words deeply in your mind and start the New Year with this way of thinking.

So if you felt all the good vibes from this video go on and transfer them to all your friends and family.