How Souls Choose Their Parents and Families

Few years ago, before my daughter was born, I dreamed of having a baby girl. She came to me and embraced me. Before she left she told me that I was her mother and that her name was Evelyn. I still remember that dream so vividly. After that, when I found out that I was pregnant, I instantly knew that it was a girl and I gave her the name she chose by herself: Evelyn.

Our souls return to Earth so many times in order to grow. As you already know the term reincarnation means that the soul enters into different bodies for many lifetimes. I believe that after the soul makes a decision that wants to come back on Earth, it has to decide what kind of life she wants on the first place. This is closely related to what lessons they would like to learn. This includes being in a harmony with a parent(s). It all depends on the purpose and wish of the soul related to the lifestyle and life lessons.

For instance, when two souls have met before like a husband and wife, then they can be together again to revive that experience again. Sometimes the soul wants to incarnate in a specific part of the world, and they won’t pay so much attention on the parents they choose. Each soul is different, just as the people are. So, the choices depend on the type of the soul.

The moment the soul chooses the parents, the soul connects to that person and is always nearby, waiting for the right time to be born. When I do intuitive readings for my clients, I can often sense the souls of the children they are supposed to have. I can also sense whether the child is a girl or a boy, and sometimes I can even see what they are destined to experience together throughout their life together as a family.

When I do a reading, I am not 100% sure that I will see the unborn child, but usually I can successfully sense it, if it is close to you and if it is becoming a member of your family soon.

For sure, parents also significantly influence on the soul that wants to join their family through conception. It all depends on our thoughts, wishes, moods and purposes throughout the day or even month. So the souls respond on all these energies that we send to the Universe. This applies especially to the mother. Her daily activities and thoughts throughout the conception period make a field similar to a magnet that attracts souls who are interested in becoming your children.

When there are more children in the family, souls also choose whether or not they want to be your children depending on the siblings. Sometimes the souls who are not born yet and want to be siblings contact with each other and decide which sibling to go first. I can imagine my brother and I talking on the “Other Side”, making a decision on who should go first. When there is a miscarriage, I’ve seen that specific soul usually comes back again through a later pregnancy if there is a chance for that. Once I saw a miscarried child from a woman who came back to be born into the family of her best friend.

After thousands of readings that I’ve done so far, I can say one thing for sure: we all choose our family members, the place we want to incarnate, and the things that we are going to experience throughout our lifetime. I feel so proud because my daughter decided to choose me. That’s the best gift I have received in this lifetime!