Here’s Why Sometimes It Is Okay to Cut Ties with Toxic Family Members

The relationships within a family can be complicated, and since we all know the importance of family, many people feel guilty when they need to distance themselves from a relative.

However, those decisions are not easy, but are sometimes necessary, and very often, beneficial for both sides.

We always feel hurt when someone treats us badly, but when it is a close family member, it can leave deep scars which are especially difficult to overcome. No matter if the other person did a really unforgivable thing or you can no longer tolerate the abusive behavior, sometimes cutting ties with your family member is the best thing you can do to improve your mental health.

The first step towards healing those scars is to set clear boundaries and turn to those people who really love you and deserve your time and affection.

If a close member of your family is toxic and causes you pain, the right way to solve the problem is to cut him/her out of your life.

We give you 5 reasons to distance yourself from a bad family relationship:

  • It is normal to face some form of judgment in your life, especially from your closest ones, if it is constructive criticism. Yet, if your relative judges you in order to hurt your self-esteem and cause negative feelings, you should not let him/her tear you down
  • If your family member sees your life as a drama series and shares all your experiences with others, it is best not to tell them anything again. They need to respect your privacy and vulnerability, and not gossip about your life
  • Some people are only there for you when they need something in return, so in this case, you should reconsider if you want them in your life, as you do not need their conditional love
  • Gaslighting is a manipulative tactic to make a victim feel powerless, and question their own perception, memory, and even sanity. It is best to cut ties with your family if they try to discredit you every time you confront them
  • If your family insults you one day, and treats you good the next day, it is an unhealthy relationship that you need to put an end to. Family relationships need to be healthy and not manipulative, trying to have control over you

Remember, it is easier said than done to cut a family member out of your life, but sometimes, it is much better than to leave their toxic behavior to ruin your life.

Additionally, we do not choose our family, but we can certainly choose who we spend time with, so make sure you never tolerate such a hurtful behavior in the future.

Make sure you accept only those people who deserve to be in your life since you do not need to put up with the same things you have decided to turn your back to once more.