Funny Joke: The Policeman Who Wanted To Become Smart…

A guy is selling olive seeds on the street. “Come on, who wants to buy olive seeds? They are very cheap! Come on, buy these olive seeds and you will be thanking me your whole life!” – the guy is yelling.

A policeman comes, “Why are you yelling and what’s that in your hands?” – he asks.

“My profession is a seed seller, sir. Every day I sell different types of seeds and each of them is used for improving the functions of different organs of the human body,”- replies the man.

What kind of seeds are you selling now and what are they good for? – asks the policeman.

He answers that today he sells olive seeds that can make everyone smarter.

“Really? Is it really working? What should I do with them?” – asks the policeman
“Yes sir, they are very effective. You can try if you want. You should eat at least 2 of them for optimal effects, and after two minutes you will become smarter” – replies the man.
“All right. How much are they?” – asks the policeman.
“One seed is $10, $20 for the two of them,” – replies the man.
“Here you go, give me two,” – says the policeman.

The man takes two olives, eats them, spits the seeds and gives them to the policeman. The policeman swallows the seeds and eagerly waits to see what is going to happen.

After two minutes of silence the man asks: “Do you feel something?”

The policeman replies angrily: “No, I don’t feel anything! I knew you were a liar! For the money I’ve given you I would have bought 1 kilo of olives, do you know that?”

The seller, overjoyed with this response, replies:
“I told you, it only takes two minutes. You see, you are smarter now!”
“Yes, you were right! They are really effective! Give me five more!” – says the policeman.