Don’t Put Your Life On Hold For A Guy Who Isn’t Worth Your Time

When a woman finds the right man for her, her soul mate, he won’t make her put her life on hold. Your perfect partner won’t make you wait all day for a call or a text, he won’t constantly make excuses for how bad he treats you, and you won’t be stuck making excuses for how little effort he puts into your relationship.

Instead of making excuses for his behavior or thinking about how great he could be, look at who he is now.

Suppose your daughter or best friend were in the kind of relationship you’re in now. Would you tell them to accept being treated badly? Doubtful, so why do you put up with being in a bad relationship? Stop lying to yourself about your partner and look at who he really is. You can’t let his words and actions affect your self-esteem and self-worth.

If a guy is making you feel bad about yourself, he isn’t your soulmate, no matter what kind of excuses you or him make. At the end of the day, you need to be with someone who makes you happy, who makes you feel good about yourself, who you don’t have to make excuses for, and who you don’t have to put your life on hold for. If he isn’t this kind of guy, then he just isn’t worth the time, effort, and heartbreak.

By waiting on a guy who isn’t worth your time, you’ll only get heartbreak after heartbreak.

Ask yourself why you’re still with him if all he does is constantly break your heart. Does he treat you with the respect and love you deserve? Does he even treat you with basic human decency? Could you see yourself being with him forever? Would you want the kind of man you’re with raising your children? Don’t lie to yourself and make excuses for his bad behavior. After all, you should always pay attention to his actions instead of his words. Constantly telling you everything will get better and he’ll change doesn’t matter if his actions never match his words.

You deserve to have a love that will take your breath away, that will make you so excited that you can’t sleep, and the kind that will make you excited to spend every moment together. If you’re reading articles about how bad your relationship is, chances are that you’re not in the kind of relationship where you’re happy.

Don’t settle for a lifetime of being treated with disrespect and mediocrity. Remember your self-worth and find someone who loves every single bit of you!