Death Row Dog Freaks Out When He Realizes He’s Being Adopted Into a New Loving Family

The life of the shelter dogs is often sorrowful and tough, even if there are people who take care of them and do everything to satisfy their basic needs. On first glance, it seems like they have everything they need but, the dogs that live in shelters often lack real love and affection. What’s even worse, if they are not lucky enough to get adopted into a home, most often they get killed. That’s how these shelters function. So how does it look like when an unloved shelter dog gets adopted into a family and realizes that its life is about to change forever?

The impact of adoption has been greatly discussed, but the impact it has on this dog goes beyond explanation. His name is Benny, and he’s been living in high-kill Carson Animal Care Center in Gardenia, California for several months. In fact, Benny was on death row when he was adopted at last. So what was his reaction?

At first, you can see Benny pretending to be calm, sitting still as he possibly can, while he tries to figure out if this is really his new family. But it’s so obvious that he is freaking out on the inside. I imagine a monologue in his head like, “Did they choose me? Is this it? Am I theirs? Are they mine?”

He is really doing his best to stay calm, but his impatience and anticipation make him look so funny. Then the red leash is presented to him, and he cannot hide his happiness and excitement as he meets his new family! As they take him to their car, we can see that Benny already adores the people he is going to be surrounded with for the rest of his life.

There are millions of animals like Benny in your local animal shelters who need to be adopted as soon as possible! The aim of this video is to raise people’s consciousness about these animals.

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