The Difference Between A Magnetizer And A Healer

I define it very clearly. For some people, there is a difference in between these words, and some people have confusion about them.  The magnetizer utilises the energy of surrounding. It is the starting point for a magnetizer.

The energy may come from you or the other person or from earth. Apart from the conventional medicine, the process helps people to have relief. On the other hand, a healer _that’s me_ heals his counselee by using his soul.

In short, a healer heals. Sometimes it’s not even necessary for counselee to be present. A close relative, a friend or anyone who has bonded with the person can be an intermediary in case of the individual is not so fond of this kind of healing processes or he/she may be somewhere far away or even would be in a hospital.

I’m a healer, and I do healing only in the spiritual realm. I do this with my soul. Hence do not look for rationality. I’ve healed even the pathological disorders. All of these processes are effective on animals as well.

Being a healer is not just an occupation it is a contract of sacrifice. I can never tell you that I’m at ease.

During the healing processes, I feel all the pain that my counselee has had related to the subject we work on. I heal the person only when I heal that very pain in me. I suffer in order to reach well-being.

This pain is the consciousness of the consistent battle in between good and bad. I can even tell this; we should be sorry for people who have never encountered tests like these in their life. Because it is these tests make our souls stronger. The celestial battle displays itself both in my private life and my career.

There is no better reward than healing someone. In my spiritual journeys where I lose all the attachments, I haven’t had any help from this world. I was pretty young when I started these journeys, and I’d suppose it is pretty reasonable to have that. My gifts are for others, to help them.

During the sessions, I convey the supreme love to them which I channel from the celestial. It is unique and does not resemble any love that we know in this world.

Never underestimate inspiring source of the spiritual world. Coincidence is a concept created by human beings. THE ESSENCE OF EVERYTHING IS SPIRITUAL. This is how I feel and define myself as a healer.