Blogger Shares Simple Hack for Removing Period Stains from Underwear


A very effective yet simple hack that shows how to remove period stains from underwear has been called a ‘life saver‘ by social media users.

Brush By Four Nine, which is run by British blogger Rosie, revealed how using hydrogen peroxide on a stained area on your underwear will remove any signs of discolouration in minutes.

Hydrogen peroxide, which can be bought from chemists, and acts to oxidise any enzyme in the blood, breaks up the stain.

A video that showed the transformation was shared on the Instagram page, which is run by UK blogger Rosie, showing a pair of hands soaking the underpants using cold water before scrubbing the blood stains through the use of hydrogen peroxide.

The underwear can then be washed normally to fully remove the stains.

One impressed follower called the hack “life saving,” while another individual confirmed it “works like a charm.”

A third person commented: “This is a great tip, did not think to use hydrogen peroxide.”

Period Stain Remover Hack:

  1. First, wash your underwear in cold water because hot water tends to set a stain, thereby, making it more difficult to remove stain.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide is then applied into the soaked garment, specifically to the stained areas, before it is washed off normally.
  3. The underwear come out as clean as new, minus the remnants or signs a stain that marked the clothing.

Others added their own suggestions, with several suggesting using soap and cold water, lemon juice and even toothpaste should do the trick.

Despite the fact some viewers and users branded the video as “gross“, others praised Rosie for normalising period blood.

  • I love that they are showing real blood instead of the fake blue sh*t,” one person commented.
  • The fact that we are taught that something we cannott control should be hidden, and never spoke about, and shamed is the real gross thing here.”
  • Another added: “People getting gross about blood!

But, some fellow social media users were quick to defend the post, and praise it as very educational.

One person retaliated to the negative remarks, and said: ‘How else would you educate people? Some people do not know about how to do this, some people also, do not have female family members to show them how. And it is a good way to lessen the taboo of menstrual cycles etc.

Another person supported: ‘Well, get comfortable because this happens to about half the population 12 weeks of the year.’


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photo credit: pixabay