7 Things You Should Always Keep Secret According To The Hindu Philosophy

Two thousand years ago, the famous Greek philosopher Seneca said “Your secrets are safest with you”. This is not about keeping just any secret, but keeping some private things that are better not being revealed.

According to some wise men from India, some problems that have to do with our inner being need to be kept secret. They refer to those secrets that are directly connected to our weaknesses or showing off about some accomplishments.

The basic aspect of the Hindu Philosophy is the practical nature of the thoughts. Since the main goal of the Hindu Philosophers was solving some basic issues of life. Their wisdom was born out of the attempt to live a better life.

In this article you will read about 7 main things that each person, according to the Hindu Wisdom, has to keep secret.

Never reveal your projects

We might never finish our project if we talk about them in front of the wrong person. These plans are very intimate and they should remain within you.

If you tell your ideas to a wrong person, they may criticize them and discourage you or they may even sabotage them due to envy because they weren’t able to come up with such a good idea.

That’s why the wise Hindu philosophers advice us to wait until our projects are finished and then we can talk about them as much as we want.

Never reveal your charitable acts

There is nothing more inappropriate than bragging about how you have been generous to someone or how you have performed some act of charity.

Not many people in this world are so charitable to do something good for someone without having a profit from it. However, if you are one of those rare charitable people, you should never be bragging about it, but keep it as your precious treasure instead.

Never reveal your heroic acts

If you possess a courageous attitude or if you have done some heroic acts, there is no need of shouting it to the four winds.

There are some things that should be told so that you can get a well-deserved recognition or maybe promotion at work. However, there are some things that should be kept private and we should give ourselves recognition and self-admiration, but it should never be presented to others.

Learn how to make a difference between these things.

Never reveal intimacies

There are some personal questions that should never be answered. They should remain in ourselves, and if there are some problems connected to these personal things like sleep, food or sex, we should manage to solve them on our own.

What’s the point in talking about these private issues when no one is able to help us solving them?

Let’s try to find inner harmony by ourselves.

Never reveal your spiritual knowledge

Remember, we are talking about Hindu philosophers – incredibly wise men who consider spirituality to be one of the most important things for human existence.

Spirituality is believed to be a treasure, that’s why we all have to keep it for ourselves. It is connected to the way we see the world, and we all know that everyone sees it differently.

If someone asks a question about this personal and profound aspect of your life, just ignore it. No one should discuss their thoughts, analysis of life and spirituality with other people.

Never talk about your family problems

According to the Hindu philosophers “every home is a different world”, and in every personal life, everything that happens within the family has to remain there.

Talking about the conflicts that exists in your home, in a family life or in a couple’s life may be a momentary relief. However, when you share the personal problems over and over again with several people, it makes them seem bigger than they actually are and that it is extremely difficult to be solved.

Others may perceive the problems differently. They can also be more judgmental because they don’t know the problem in depth. This won’t help you.

All these family problems can be resolved only within your house – where they actually originate from. Keeping them within yourself can only strengthen the bound that unites you with your family members.

Never talk about everything that you have heard

Imagine the scene where your friend is telling some totally unimportant story about a friend of a friend of a friend. It sounds familiar right? What about hearing something that you didn’t even want to hear, like a couple arguing about something or some intimate conversation that you could not help yourself but hear because you were near those people by chance?

You can hear these things by chance, but you comment about them on purpose. So the best thing is to forget them because they only generate negative energy and talking about those things is just a waste of time.