6 Things That Happen When You Have To Let Go Of Your Soulmate

People often think that the words spouse and soulmate are the same. But, your life partner doesn’t have to be your soulmate, because the concept of the soulmate is something deeper than that.

If you have been in a true soulmate relationship, you probably know that there is a huge difference between these two words.

The feeling you get in the presence of your soulmate is beyond explanation. It’s something more than just the usual mad rush of love and infatuation. Your connection is so deep and strong and nothing in this world can destroy it. The moment you meet your soulmate, you can feel that both of you are connected at other than the physical level. You know deep down in yourself that this connection is spiritual, intellectual and even emotional.

When you two meet for the first time, you both feel like you already know each other very well. Your soul recognizes his soul and vice versa. This is because your souls have met before in many other lifetimes.

However, sometimes this lifetime is not the one where you two can stay together.

At first, you are unwilling to accept the reality, you become angry and do everything that you possibly can to save the relationship and make things work out like they used to before. At the end you will realize that the best thing for you and for them is to let go. Even though letting them go hurts so much, you will eventually realize that life does go on.

And here is how to handle it:

Love will be totally different from now on

It doesn’t mean that you will be incapable of falling in love, but you will always feel like that’s not enough, like you were capable of loving even more in the past but now you simply can’t. You have to learn how to be happy with what you’ve got. You need to become aware that even if you are not able to love as intensely as you loved your soulmate, you can still add something new to this relationship like respect, loyalty and trust. In this way the relationship will become more mature than the relationship with your soulmate. That’s the moment when you realize that you could spend the rest of your life happily with some other person too.

The memories will remain with you forever

No matter how hard you try, whatever you do to forget everything, you won’t be able to completely let go of them. They will appear in your dreams even when you haven’t been consciously thinking about them. And when you feel a little depressed or sad you won’t be able to stop thinking of them. You simply won’t be able to control your thoughts. The memories of them will be alive as long as you are, and you can’t do anything about it.

You will change

As soon as you break up with your soulmate, you start to become a different version of yourself. You feel that in order to be able to move on from the pain of losing them you need to deny a little part of yourself. You’ve learned how to deal with the headaches. And now you approach people and relationships in a different way. You’ve become more experienced and learned than before, that’s why those who meet you afterwards will definitely appreciate you more. But you cannot forget how you used to be and you will probably miss being that version of yourself a lot. But it’s impossible for you to go back to that time now.

You have a lot of questions about the past

If you’ve done everything that you possibly could to save the relationship, but despite of that you are still not together with your soulmate, it means that the relationship was extremely toxic and that’s the reason why it couldn’t work out. Even years after you broke up, you’ll find yourself wondering if there was something else you could have done that would have brought you together. You would think of every single action and reaction at the time and try to understand what exactly triggered the separation or when everything got out of hand.

They haunt your dreams

As we already mentioned, you can survive even if you are no longer with your soulmate. You will be able to fall in love again and carry on with your life like everyone else. And after a certain period of time you won’t be even thinking about them anymore. But even if they are not in your thoughts anymore, they are still deeply engraved in your soul. How do you know this? Well, your dreams will show it. That’s how your subconscious deals with their loss.

Your life will go on

You will experience wonderful adventures and a fulfilling home. Indeed, you won’t be able to fully recover after you lose your soulmate because a part of you remained with them when you two separated, but you will definitely learn how to deal with that feeling. You will get used to it and accept it as another part of you. And this is definitely not the way your story ends.

Try to be happy and satisfied with what you have in this lifetime and we assure you that you will see them again. You will get together in the next lifetime and the next. That’s how it’s always been and will always be.