5 Different Types Of Love You’ll Encounter Before You Find Your True Soulmate

We all hope that one day we will meet our true, destined love. We dream about the perfect moment, we long for that one person who will provoke a feeling, so true and unique; a bond so deep that we’ve never believed that even existed.

We all breathe for that special soulmate who’ll make our heart skip a beat every time they touch us or look into our eyes.

Don’t worry, true love is real and it will come sooner or later.

Read about these 5 types of love you are going to experience before you meet your true soulmate:

The FIRST Love

The first love is so insecure and it can be compared to riding a bike for the first time – with your eyes closed. You have no idea where it is taking you. You don’t even know how you should do it, but you give your best anyway. Because the new exciting thing in your life is stronger than any fear.

You finally know how those butterflies, everyone was talking about, really feel. Your heart beats faster as you experience their lips gently touching yours. You become so close that they turn into the air you breathe and you can’t survive a minute without them.

But when you end this relationship, you will realize that you were wrong. You might feel hopeless at the beginning but you will be able to outgrow the pain. It’s similar to the bruise on the leg made when you were a child – teaching you to be more careful in the future. Congratulations, you’ve learned the first lesson.


Soon you will meet another person. You will feel as if you’ve finally found the perfect bond with a person, but after some period of time, this person leaves you heartbroken and confused.

As the days pass by, you slowly notice that this person is not the same and that they have changed a lot. The thing is, they didn’t change – they’ve just shown their real face. You’ve discovered that it was all an act. This love will feel as if you are on an extremely uncomfortable roller coaster ride, leading you to the greatest satisfaction and happiness and then throwing you to the worst agony and suffering.

Even though it ends up in a break up, it will teach you the most important lesson. Caring about yourself is very important and that you are about to experience better things in your life – because that’s what you deserve.


Now, since you’ve learned that you have to search for more stable and secure love, you’ll come across a person that is going to provide everything that you need and even more than that. They will be completely in love with you. This is the best-friend love.

You will experience this love in the right moment when you need a safe place to hide from the suffering that the Difficult love has provoked in you. And you will immediately accept it, even though you don’t have the same feelings towards the other person.

This person will provide protection and will love you like nobody else, yet you won’t be able to reciprocate the love back. After some time, you will realize that all the passion has gone and everything that was before will turn into pure respect and appreciation for their generosity and kindness.

You will lie to yourself that everything is just fine and that you are just imagining things that are not real. However, one day you will realize that you can’t lie to yourself anymore.


After the Best Friend Love, you won’t believe in true love and romance anymore. However, this love will be here to prove the contrary. This person will be the most romantic person you’ve ever met. The relationship will be just like the ones from the fairytales. But eventually you will realize that it’s too good to be true. The end of this relationship will come as quickly as it started, leaving you totally confused and emotionally detached.


And the moment before you lose your hope, you’ll meet the right person that will make you forget about everything that was before him. He will be your destined soul, the one you were looking for your whole life.

The moment you look into their eyes, you will feel as if you’ve already know them from a previous life. You will know that you have never experienced such a deep and pure love. You will ask yourself whether you are dreaming or it’s really happening.

And you are glad about everything that happened in your life before, because you know that if you didn’t experience all of that, you wouldn’t be with this person now. You’ve finally found the person that deserves to be in your life. You’ve finally found your “true love”.