3 Vacuum Sellers Are Making Their Way Towards A Nearby Farm

The three walk past a beautiful young girl, the farmers daughter, and go straight for the front door. They knock and the farmer opens up. They ask would he be interested in buying a vacuum. The farmer ponders for a moment and agrees to buy a vacuum, but on one condition. They don’t try to flirt with his daughter while he is away, for he had to quickly go to the marketplace nearby.

As soon as the farmer leaves of course the 3 men try to flirt the farmer’s daughter. And of course the farmer is not happy to see this when he comes back. He marches to the house and comes back with a shotgun. ” You three will go to my fields and pick something from there and bring it to me!”

The first man goes and finds peas. He brings a whole pod back and the farmer tells him to shove them up his ass. He obliges because it’s easy to fit them all.

The second man comes back but with tomatoes. The farmers also tells him to shove them up his ass But the second man stops and starts laughing hysterically. The farmer asks him what’s so funny about shoving them up his rectum, to which the second man answers: “it’s not the tomatoes I’m laughing at. I’m laughing because I saw the third man pick up watermelons over there”.