10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Mess With An Empath

Never even think of hiding your intentions around the empath – it just won’t work!

Empaths possess incredible power and messing with them is not recommended.
Empaths can read body language extremely well and they are real lie detectors!
Empaths come to this world with a gift – the ability to feel what other people feel. Just because of this ability they are born to be psychologists.

This ability makes them experts in discovering when someone is lying, faking or when they are not the persons they said they were. There are many people who pretend to be nice but deep down in themselves they are cruel. Empaths can easily recognize this.

Empaths say that they don’t force anything, the knowing just happens. They just possess that ability to read people and cannot be fooled. If you have a tendency to cheat in the relationships, don’t get with an empath. You will soon get the same treatment by them.

Empaths Are Like Lie Detectors

They know how to detect all the subconscious body movements that people do when they lie. Some people learn about all that body language, but empaths naturally know almost all. They don’t even know how to explain and why they know, but they simply do. It’s something they feel in their gut.

Don’t Try to Fool Them!

As we’ve already said, empaths can sense every emotion and feeling in the room – much more intensely than they would want to. Your cruel intentions cannot be hidden around an empath – they will soon find out!
Empathic people read your thoughts and can recognize your disguise no matter how convincing you sound. They often don’t say anything, just leave without saying a word.

They Can Sense Jealousy

Empathic people will know if you are jealous of them. If you think that this will make them be a little bit charismatic you are definitely wrong!

No matter the reason of the jealousy, empaths always know when the person is feeling jealous of them, and in order to make you feel comfortable they will probably show humility.

They Can Sense When Someone Hates Them

The sense for hatred is one of the most common senses an empathy has. The energy vibrated from hatred is so powerful that it is impossible for the empath not to sense it. This feeling draws them away. They probably don’t feel hurt by your hatred but they don’t want their soul to be affected by this negative energy.
Sometimes they don’t even care if they are hated by someone, which often makes people hate them even more.
They really feel comfortable in their own skin and they never pretend to be someone else.

They Can Sense Your Prejudices

Empaths can always sense if you hide some prejudice. If you don’t like to be around people who have different skin-color, sexual orientation, or different personality, it is very likely that the empath will lose interest in you.
Self-absorbed or shallow people should stay away from empaths.

They See The Sadness Behind Your Smile

Don’t try to lie that you are fine. They just need to look into your eyes to see that you are not. If you have a friend who always reads your emotions in this way, they are more than likely an empath.

As they always know when you lie, they also know when you don’t feel well. Having an empath as a friend can be very beneficial for your mental health since they are real psychologist and can give you the best advices ever.

Don’t hesitate to say the reason you are not feeling good, they can listen for hours and always want to help. Just make sure you are telling the truth.

They Are Able To Read Lackey’s Like an Open Book

Empaths hate meaningless talks. Don’t try to get the empath’s affection by giving them false compliments, that’s definitely not the way they function!

In fact they despise this, and they can sense what you are trying to do.

They Know If You Are Not Doing Something Right

If your friend is an empath and they constantly warn you about things you’ve been doing lately, DON’T IGNORE THEM! Empaths are excellent in predicting self-destruction, so do what they say!
They know what you are subconsciously thinking and they know where the situation is heading to. So you better take all their warnings seriously!

They Always Know When You Pretend To Be Someone Else

Empaths are capable of seeing a person’s spirit. The empaths appreciate honest people more than anything, so the moment you try to act something, they will immediately know.
Be satisfied with your true self and don’t try to be someone else, especially if you want to attract an empath.

They Can Sense Exploitation

When you were a kid and you wanted to get something from your parents, you probably tried to be as nice as you can with them. You probably use this very same ‘trick’ on the other people, although you are an adult. We don’t know who will fall for this, but we know who won’t!

Don’t try this with an empath – they will track down your intentions before you even blink! If you want something from an empath – say it straight up!